Developing New Products: 1x Di2 Build

In the recent weeks we've been working on a unique Valence Road+. This one is the first to include Di2 components and in Valence fashion, we're going to innovate and create.

At Valence, we've always followed an essential rule: make beautiful, purposeful products. Following this rule, we wanted to push boundaries and make an original Di2 setup that is as enjoyable to use as it is aesthetically delightful. 

We are starting with TRP Hylex hydraulic brakes due to their great stopping power and unique long brake lever which has superb ergonomics (especially for those with larger hands). TRP does not make shifters. This is where the fun starts. With a few dozen prototypes, we built a plate to house a waterproof button on each lever. With the electronics from a Di2 shifter and Di2 junction, these hydraulic brakes have come to life, controlling a XT rear derailluer.