Science of Valence Road+ Chapter 4: Clean Design

As part of a 5-chapter adventure, we’ll take you through how the Valence Road+ was designed, as a way to help you understand why Rider-Focused Design is so helpful for developing smart and thoughtful products.  

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler (Albert Einstein).

Minimalist design.  Simple and Clean

Designing the Valence Road+ has all been about making a bicycle that is incredible to ride and a beauty visually. We want you to feel incredible knowing you’ve picked a well crafted product.  We follow the rule of building a bicycle as pure as possible where less is better, less is more.

The Valence Road+ is all built around the design of circles.  Circles are simple, containing no angles, containing one continuous curve.  The distance from the center to any edge is equal in all measures. A circle is clean.

Circles are fluid and connected to movement and mobility.  Elements of life are simple and elegant.  The earth, the moon, flowers, and fruit.  Circles represent power, harmony, and infinite energy.

Ancient Greeks looked at the circle as the perfect shape.  We love simple & clean.  A circle: the shape that defines simple with uniformity that exudes a beautiful sense of balance and harmony. We love the way a bicycle looks. We love the round tubes that were originally used to create bicycles. We follow a simple approach: classic design meets the 21st century. We want you to feel good every time you and your bicycle, together, roll out the door.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” (Albert Einstein).

Simple and elegant.  Pure and clean.