Science of Valence Road+ Chapter 3: Durability

As part of a 5-chapter adventure, we’ll take you through how the Valence Road+ was designed, as a way to help you understand why Rider-Focused Design is so helpful for developing smart and thoughtful products.  

Titanium is as strong as steel but at half the weight.

Titanium is Made to Last

Ti v. Steel

Titanium is as strong as steel but at half the weight.  Titanium also has a very high bending point before it fails, 25% vs 12% for steel and 8% for aluminum.  This means that your bike can handle being flexed, stretched, and stressed greater than other metals.

Ti v. Carbon

Titanium also takes on carbon in durability.  Carbon makes for incredible bikes; however, in any place that carbon interfaces with a sleeve such as an alloy bottom bracket shell or dropout, you introduce a place where the glue holding the two materials together can become detached or unglued. We want your bike to last.

Ti v. Time

Titanium also has a really valuable property where the material, when used within normal limits of use, does not fatigue and can take on a near infinite number of cycles.  Let’s use an analogy. Think of a rubber band and a paper clip.  The rubber band can bend back and forth over and over again.  The paperclip will snap after bending 5 or 6 times.  Here the rubber band acts like the titanium whereas the paperclip acts more like carbon or aluminum which fatigue over time.