Science of Valence Road+ Chapter 2: Enjoyability

As part of a 5-chapter adventure, we’ll take you through how the Valence Road+ was designed, as a way to help you understand why Rider-Focused Design is so helpful for developing smart and thoughtful products.  

We can all think back to when mom or dad let go of the bike and let us go on our own.

What makes a bicycle ride enjoyable?

Process at Valence Bicycles

So here we talk about what makes a bike ride enjoyable. To do this, we look at the elements of the experience.  We can all think back to when mom or dad let go of the bike and let us go on our own.  The freedom and exhilaration is unmatched.  On that day, you made your first step as an independent, powerful individuals.

So, today, what does a bicycle mean to you?  What does going on a bicycle ride mean?  

At Valence Bicycles we look at what makes that experience so memorable.  There are three distinct aspects that set the foundation: 

  1. Feeling good (physically)
  2. Feeling good (emotionally)
  3. Versatility

Elements of experience

Feeling good (physically) is about (as we touched on in chapter 1), being absent of fatigue and your ability to handle the exercise intensity, your fitness.

Feeling good (emotionally) is about having fun in good company exploring new places and experiencing new experiences.  It is also about knowing that you look good doing it. Admitting to a little vanity never hurt the ego.  We like our fancy cars & our crisp clothing.

Versatility is about knowing you can go on that rough road without worrying about numb hands, flat tires, or broken equipment.

Rider Focused Design

We’ve identified what makes for a memorable experience and built a bike to match. Founder of Valence Bicycles, Shawn Rosenthal emphasizes: “I want my friends on the best equipment”.