Science of Valence Road+ Chapter 1: Specificity – pt. 2

As part of a 5-chapter adventure, we’ll take you through how the Valence Road+ was designed, as a way to help you understand why Rider-Focused Design is so helpful for developing smart and thoughtful products.  

In a study by Swedish scientists, time to exhaustion was reduced by 22% (Samuelson et al., 1989).

Part 1 Summary case you missed it, check part 1

  1. If you want to get the most out of the time you’re not racing, should you also have a bike designed to make your experience the best possible?
  2. Taking on harsh road vibrations can help for rough events.
  3. Avoiding road vibration allows you to ride longer and harder.

Part 2

Equipment is evolving

What have companies done to address rough terrain?  A lot.  Huge progress has come from the nobbie world: front suspension, rear suspension, suspension seat-posts, wide rims, & wide tires.  Nevertheless, companies like Specialized have led the way by adding suspension in their frames, forks, and chainstays.  Now we’ve got access to wide rims and supple high volume road tires.  So with all this available, why not make a road bike that takes advantage of this?  Well, it’s been done time and time again with endurance bikes.  However, you’re going to get a bike that is going to handle so far from what you’re used to on a racing bike.  That’s where the Valence Road+ excels, utilizing a similar geometry to some of the best road racing frames.


“So, tell me, what does this mean for me?”

You can enjoy your ride experience more and go to sweet places without unnecessarily wearing-out your body.  A sore back, sore hands, and sore neck are problems of the past.  Regarding specificity, gain more race fitness.  Better prepare yourself.  After riding your Valence Road+ Mon-Fri, show up with your race bike on Sat to throw down.

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