Upgrade Your Riding Experience


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Born from passion

Founder and owner, Shawn Rosenthal, raced his bicycle more than he can remember.

He raced on the best equipment and experience a lifetime of excitement among some of the greatest people in Northern California, including racing for Team Mike’s Bikes where he became the NorCal RR Champion.

Shawn loves exploring and routinely pushed his equipment to the limits.

He would take his lightweight racing-bikes on terrain where only nobbies seemed reasonable. After emptying his box of 100 tubes, he realized that getting beaten up on rough terrain and flat tires weren’t necessary.

Shawn’s best memories are from the rides that had no limits. 

From creek crossings in Occidental county to back-roads in the East Bay, Shawn and his friends explored places where their fragile carbon frames really shouldn’t be.

Shawn developed the Valence Road+, a bicycle made to keep up with the riding he and his friends crave the most.