Upgrade Your Riding Experience

Upgrade Your Ride Experience


Your experience is our focus.

Titanium bicycles with road geometry, ready for road and gravel.

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Focused on Your Experience

Experience riding as it should be. 

You seek challenging terrain and adventure.  You desire the feeling of freshly paved roads. 

We have ridden the miles and know what needs to be improved. 

We have listened to people just like you. We know what motivates you to ride and we know what challenges you face. We designed a bicycle that is made to enhance each element of your riding experience.

You have the power to explore and adventure. 

Handle tight descents and corners with precision using responsive road racing geometry & powerful disc brakes. Sprint or explosively power over rollers on a bicycle built using oversized titanium tubes stiff enough to resist flex from the most powerful riders. Go further and smooth out the roads for all day comfort with supple 35mm tires. 

You are in control with the versatile, durable Valence Road+.

  • It makes riding on the road feel smooth and quiet. When I ride on gravel, it feels like I’m riding a mountain bike.
    — Elaine Ebner: Tieni Duro Junior Cycling: President
  • I came away with a huge smile and feeling great, and that is what riding is all about.
    — Craig Fellers: Team Mike's Bikes: Nationally-Renowned Speedster

Features Overview

Experience a new way to ride with the Valence™ Road+ titanium all road bicycle. Featuring responsive geometry, large tires, and disc brakes. You get a durable, fun to ride road bicycle that is ready for adventure.  

If you're in the SF Bay Area, come by for a test ride.

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Bigger Tires

Go further on your adventures and explore new places with the comfort and versatility of larger tires.  With a larger tire, the rolling resistance goes down and you can run lower pressure for more confidence on challenging terrain and varied weather.  Rides on rough roads are comfortable and rides on light trails are confidence inspiring.

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Oversized, Responsive Materials

The Valence™ Road+ uses oversized tubes to offer responsive steering and unsurpassed bottom bracket stiffness on a titanium frame. The Valence™ Road+ downtube is 51mm whereas other titanium frame manufacturers use 44mm, increasing torsional stiffness by 35%.


Versatility: Free Garage Space

Head out to those rides that you'd otherwise pass on. The Valence™ Road+ is made for the road, with road racing geometry; nevertheless, you'll be able to hit some light trails and fit on select CX tires for looser terrain. With thru axle dropouts, you'll be able to switch wheels to match terrain.  


Want a Free Test Ride?

Come over to test a Valence Road+

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Contact us and we'll arrange for your test ride.